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The Medallion SL300 Stair Lift is competitively priced with plenty of value. Very compact, it runs smoothly and requires little to no maintenance. The Medallion Stair Lift has an established reputation as an industry leader for its innovative design, stable performance, and reliability. It’s patented drive system serves as the cornerstone that makes this stair lift different from all others on the market.

The SL300 gives you peace of mind knowing its efficient motor offers extended performance during power loss, up to 40 trips up and down. Owners of this stair lift will enjoy a smooth, stable ride due to its patented Helical Worm Gear and Nylon Polymer Gear Rack. Pinnacle is the most compact of stair lifts, folding closer to the wall so others can pass easily.

Clear Walkways

Medallion’s automatic and mechanical folding rail removes obstructions and trip hazards at the lower landing area. Its operation is automated. The user does not need to stop or have someone else assist.

And since it’s mechanical, there are no additional switches or controls.


  • The over-sized worm gear offers greater stability

  • Lubrication free, keeps you, your stairs, and even your pets free from a mess

  • Symmetrical design provides the industry's most compact folded width

  • Swivel seat at upper landing, for easy and safe entry and exit away from the staircase

  • Operable in a power outage – up to 40 trips!

  • Safety sensors in the footrest and optional in the chassis will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction


  • Weight Capacity

    300 lb (136 kg)

  • Seat Size

    Seat: 19" W x 16" D
    Back: 16.5 W x 9.5" H

  • Speed

    20 FPM

  • Folded Width


  • Track Length

    15'6" Standard
    Up to 32'

  • Power

    24V DC

  • Incline Limits

    32° - 45°

  • Outdoor


  • Drive System

    Nylon Polymer Helical Worm Gear

  • Safety Features

  • Centrifugal Overspeed Brake

  • Bi-directional Footrest with Obstruction Sensor

  • Swivel Seat Cut-off Switch

  • Final Limits

  • Chassis Obstruction Sensors

  • Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty 
    on Motor & Circuit Board
    Free Batteries for Life

  • Optional

  • Folding Rail

  • Retractable Seat Belt

  • Key Lock

  • Extra Rail