Best Value Stair Lifts

Each of the stair lifts offered by Nautilus Stair Lifts has a surprising amount of features for the prices that we charge. Our best-value stair lifts are fantastic options for anyone who desires to increase their mobility and freedom in their home.

There are three stair lift models available through Nautilus Stair Lifts — the Nautilus, the Medallion, and the Chariot. Each of these stair lift models has its own unique capabilities, specifications, and features, but they also have a set of features that are consistent between them. Rest assured that no matter which model you choose, you are receiving a best-value stair lift from industry leaders.

Low Maintenance

Each of our stair lift models is easy to use and maintain. Due to the efficient design of our stair lifts, the upkeep is minimal to nonexistent. This also means that the parts do not require grease for lubrication, leading to a safer environment for small children and pets who share a space with you.

High Energy Efficiency

All three of our stair lifts are created for optimal energy usage and they never use excess or unnecessary power. This feature will allow for lower energy bills, ultimately saving you money.

Our stair lifts are also able to operate during unprecedented power outages, ranging from 40 to 60 trips without direct electrical energy. Despite the unfortunate situation of power loss, you can still get around your house without worry.

Compact Designs

No matter which lift you choose, one thing is for certain — your new stair lift will not take up more space than is absolutely necessary. Our stair lifts are designed to fold in ways that make their profile as narrow as possible while still maintaining functionality. This feature will be especially useful in houses that have cramped staircase areas.

A Smooth Ride

Each stair lift runs either a helical worm gear or nylon polymer gear rack drive system. These systems allow for a pleasant, effortless trip up and down the stairs. The ride will be consistently stable, and it will most definitely always be smooth.


If your stair lift experiences operational issues, you will have access to a service technician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service team at Nautilus Stair Lifts is here to help you no matter the time. If the more sensitive stair lift parts, such as the circuit board or motor, become damaged, have no fear. Each of our stair lifts comes with a lifetime warranty for these parts.

Let us help you to determine which stair lift is best for you. Call Nautilus Stair Lifts at (877) 355-1289 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about your options.