Stair Lift Comparisons

Choosing the right stair lift to meet your specific needs is a difficult process. You should consider a multitude of factors in order to make the correct choice for you and your home. Nautilus Stair Lifts is here to make your decision easier. We offer three different top-of-the-line stair lifts, and with our stair lift comparisons, we can help you to determine which lift is best for you.


The Nautilus N600 is the peak of efficiency and durability for stair lifts. It runs on a Nylon Polymer Helical Worm Gear drive system. This game-changing system allows for minimal energy output, which in turn leads to lower electric bills.

Not only will your energy bills be lower, but the Nautilus can also help in an electrical emergency. In the case of a power outage, this stair lift will continue to work for another 60 trips without direct power.

Don’t let space be a concern. The Nautilus has the narrowest profile in the industry, sitting at 10.5” when completely folded.


The Medallion SL300 has an unbelievable price-to-feature ratio. At a competitive price, you are still getting a plethora of convenient and safe features. The Medallion is mechanical, leading to a stair lift that is easy to use and automatic. Due to the automatic operation, this stair lift can be used even if no one else is at home to assist you.

The Nylon Polymer Helical Worm Gear is also used as the drive system for the Medallion, so you can be sure that you will receive a stable ride up and down the stairs. Just like the Nautilus, the Medallion is also operable during power outages — up to 40 trips can be taken without direct power.


The Chariot is a highly innovative and customizable option if you need more control over your movement. This stair lift is ideal for situations in which a high amount of turn degree is necessary. The Chariot pathway can be built with the intent to move up and down spiral staircases, as well as multiple stories.

The Chariot is the only stair lift that we offer that works in an outdoor setting, which allows more freedom outside. As for customization, the Chariot comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. Use these options to create the perfect stair lift for your home.

All of our stair lifts provide you with freedom, safety, and a smooth ride. We discussed each major feature in the stair lift comparison above, but you can find out which is best for you by looking at the exact specifications on the product pages, or contact Nautilus Stair Lifts at (877) 355-1289