Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Facts You Need to Consider Before Purchasing A Residential Stair Lift

The answer should be – “We have a Lifetime Warranty on all of our Circuit Boards” – even if there is a verifiable voltage spike or lightning strike. A voltage spike and/or a lightning strike is readily detected on the surface of the circuit board. A burned spot will be clearly visible when inspected. Most of the manufacturers place a standard one year warranty on the circuit board to minimize the liability and cost of replacement should it fail. Their company margins and profits are based on limiting the duration of coverage and this is common for ANY manufacturer and for ANY product. Many dealers depend on profits from the service work and the sale of parts if the circuit board fails. It may be a fair statement to say the manufacturer who has the worst warranty, probably has the lowest quality of product as well. Finding someone who stands behind their product is imperative. You don’t want to buy a stair lift twice.